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Massage Services

Our staff strives to make your stay just as relaxing and pleasurable as possible, so we invite you to enjoy an in room massages at The Rochester Inn. We offer an array of services that promise to revitalize your body while relaxing overused muscles, provide flexibility, and lessen back or muscle pain. Each service is tailored to the individual's needs and preferences.

Spa Services Available

Relaxation Massage

Involves long, light hand movements and helps with improving circulation and relieving stress. Good for people who are stressed, having trouble sleeping, or get frequent headaches. 
One hour. $90.

Deep Tissue Massage

Utilizes therapeutic deep pressure, to the individual’s tolerance. Good for people who are muscular or get massages on a regular basis. 
One hour. $90.

Lymphatic Massage

Involves a very light touch to reduce swelling and water retention while boosting the immune system. Seasonal changes bring illnesses, so this massage is recommended for everyone once a season. 
One hour and fifteen minutes. $90.

Reflexology Treatment

Based on the theory that zones of the feet correspond to specific organs and muscles of the body. This service focuses entirely on the feet. 
One hour. $90

All above services subject to availability of Massage Therapists
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